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Many of the families CEDARS is privileged to serve are struggling to make ends meet, leaving them with little to no financial means to provide holiday gifts for their family this year. By supporting one of these families for the holiday season, you could be instrumental in fulfilling their dreams for what they could only hope Christmas might look like. Please take a moment to read through the stories of our families below. We hope that you will find it in your heart to “adopt” a family this holiday season and share the gift of Christmas. To do so, please sign up at the bottom of the page and identify which family/families you would be most interested in supporting. You will receive an email from Amara Madsen of CEDARS, confirming the family you will have the opportunity to support and providing their complete wish list. Gifts are requested to be delivered to CEDARS, 6601 Pioneers Boulevard, between Monday, December 11 and Wednesday, December 13. Please contact Amara Madsen (402-904-3253) with any questions. 

Thank you so much for your support and generosity this holiday season.

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  • Ashley and her eleven children had recently been homeless after Ashley became a single parent.

  • Brenda and Vince are parents to two teenagers, Emilia and Jason, and recently took on the responsibility of additionally caring for two pre-teen girls, Alyssa and Missy, who were in need of a safe place to stay.

  • Sally and Dean became foster parents to their niece and nephew in June.

  • Jim, Katie, and their two sons, Aiden (12) and Jack (17), are currently homeless and struggling to make ends meet.

  • Joe and Amanda are worried they won’t be able to provide gifts for their three children this year after they both unexpectedly lost their jobs.

  • Katie and her two children, Nadia (12) and Harrison (4) recently moved to Nebraska to escape an unsafe situation.

  • Kelly and her 12-year-old son, Zander, struggle to afford rent for their one bedroom apartment.

  • Kendra is a 17-year-old who is currently pregnant with twins. She is not due to give birth until this spring, but the pregnancy has been a difficult one.

  • Sana is caring for her two granddaughters, Elena (4) and Layla (1).

  • Nancy and her one-year-old daughter Becky came to CEDARS for services after they had been staying at the People City Mission.

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